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Independent Reading

Independent Reading

Reading and understanding what students read is critical.  One way in which we monitor students reading and comprehension in 4th grade is through the use of Reading Counts quizzes. Reading Counts is a program by Scholastic in which students take comprehension quizzes on books they’ve read or heard read aloud.  Not every book has a quiz, but many do.  In our library at Tarver books are labeled with black dots that have quizzes for them.   Students are expected to have a black dot book at all times.  Students are to read this one book every day at school and at home.  It is best for reading comprehension if students only read one book at a time, and not have several books at different places.  Students may get their “black dot” books from anywhere, and can look up if the book has a quiz on the website listed below if it’s a book from home or the public library.  

Website to check for books with quizzes:

4th Grade Independent Reading procedure  

1. Student needs a black dot book and goes to the library (school, classroom, or public) that is their lexile level.  Students should know this level and it’s in their planner.

2. Fill out a bookmark (in the classroom).

3. Meet with the teacher to decide on a due date in which to have the book completed by. This is based on in class reading and reading homework.

4. Students begin reading their black dot book. This book is brought home every night to read and brought back to school every morning.  Kids should only be reading  one text at a time, especially when they are reading novels  

5. Students take a quiz (this can only be done at school)

6.  Start back with number 1.

**If at anytime they can’t do one of the steps (for example meet with the teacher for a due date) they are to read.