Order Autographed Books from Zookeeper Dave by April 6th

Zookeeper Dave’s Autographed Book Pre-Order

Dave Johnson is a children's conservation book author and Denver Zookeeper who has made many visits to Tarver over the years to educate our first graders about a career as a Denver Zookeeper.  

Student Council wants to help Zookeeper Dave raise funds to support his tiger conservation efforts in Nepal.

Autographed copies of the following three books from his Sassafras Conservation Series are available to order.  Please turn in your order forms and payment to the main office by Friday, April 6, 2018.


     The Elephants of Denver         Narayani: The Unicorn of Nepal                     Zoodiac Kids

    $10 (Published April 2012)            $10 (Published Nov 2013)  $12 (Published Dec 2015)

Click here for the order form

Also, watch a special video he's put together for us including the organization's original theme song written and performed by his family.