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5th Grade Continuation Parade

Attention 5th Grade Families!
It's time to celebrate our 5th grade students!

Schedule of events on the last day of school:

  • Our 5th grade students will be celebrating in their classrooms with their teachers and peers. There will be awards given out and the kids will be viewing their continuation slideshow.
  • 5th Grade ​students will be dismissed at 1:45 pm. Kids will be escorted to Cottonwood Lakes Blvd. where they will meet their families.
  • Families will be parked along Cottonwood Lakes Blvd lining up beginning on the south side of the traffic calming islands.
  • Please decorate your cars, bring noise makers, honk your horns, and cheer for your 5th grader!
  • At 2:00 pm, the lead vehicle with start the parade and all cars will follow the procession.
  • 5th grade students and families will drive the parade route while staff and the rest of our students will be cheering from the sidelines.

Congratulations to all our Tarver Tigers! We are so proud of you!


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