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Why Didn't My Student Bring Home A Report Card?

Because it is vital that EVERY household have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account, we will not be printing report cards for every student.  Instead, we ask you to please log in to your Portal Account after May 23rd to see your student's grades.  If you have already created your Parent Portal but you still need a hard copy of your child's report card, please call the office.

Having your Portal Account established will also allow you to be ready to complete the online check in process this summer!  (Online Check-In for the 2018-2019 school year is open from June 11-August 12.)

If you need to create your Parent Portal account, you will need your student's ID number.   Ask your student for their "lunch number" or call the office during our summer hours for this information.

  • Need to buy a yearbook ($20) or Skate City summer pass ($3)?  We can help you but supplies are limited!
  • Have registration questions?
  • Any other questions?

We're happy to help you during our summer office hours!

Newly Registered aND Returning Students- Please Complete Online Check In June 11-Aug 12th

We are excited to announce that the online check-in process opens this summer for our parents starting June 11, 2017. The online process saves time and energy allowing parents to confirm school registration, at their convenience, from anywhere with an internet connection. Online check-in replaces our standard check-in process. In order to receive class schedules and teacher assignments before school starts, all parents/guardians of returning students must complete the online process. Assistance with the online process is available by contacting the Tarver office during summer hours, the District Service Desk at (720) 972-4120 or visiting a number of locations for onsite online check-in. For locations, dates and times, visit

For more information on the benefits of online check-in, eligible schools, what’s needed to complete the online process and answers to frequently asked questions, visit

Exploration Universe Summer Coding Camp

ATTN 3rd-6th graders: Join Exploration Universe for their Summer Coding Camp from June 25th-29th.  Check out the flyer for more details.

Please Pay Any Outstanding Student Balances Prior To The Beginning Of Next School Year

All student fees are due and any outstanding fees should be paid in full prior to the beginning of the school year.  These fees can be paid in the main office or on

Click here for more information about our Back to School Night event.

Si tiene preguntas sobre la información en este correo y desea hablar con un intérprete en español, por favor llame a la oficina de Tarver al 720-972-5640 y pida hablar con un representante en español.


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