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Tarver gives back to those impacted by the Marshall Fire

Tarver gives back to those impacted by the Marshall Fire

In Spring 2022, led by the 4th grade classes, Tarver Elementary students, families, and community members participated in a Book Drive for families impacted by the Marshall Fires. Tarver donated more than 5,000 books to students and families in the Boulder Valley School District.

This fall, those books were distributed to families so they can rebuild their home reading libraries. 

A note of thanks from Boulder Valley School District:

Dear 4th graders (now 5th graders!) at Tarver Elementary and all of the adults that support them,

We at Boulder Valley School District are so grateful for your generosity. You collected over 7,000 books from your own personal libraries and sent them to our students and families who were affected by the Marshall Fire over winter break last year. 

Teachers looking through racks of donated books

Because our spring schedule was jam packed with catching up on school work and getting our homes back in order, we were not able to distribute the books as originally intended. BUT! In August, we set up a Free Pop Up Book Fair at a central school that hosted many district-wide professional development sessions. With the perspective that everybody in the district has, in some way, been affected by the fire, we then invited the district literacy teams, primary teachers, and school librarians in those professional development sessions to shop for books for their students and their teaching spaces. 

The oohs and aahs and excitement emanating from the staff doing the shopping would have made your hearts so proud. Some books are going to families who were not able to recover all of their belongings after the fire. Some books will be incorporated into classroom libraries for many children to enjoy all year long. Some of them are being passed individually to students as "Welcome back to school!" gifts.

"You have enriched our libraries and ignited our students' love of reading! Thank you so much!" 1st grade teacher

Again, thank you so much for keeping our community in your hearts and acting on that urge to do something to help. You have made a difference!


Boulder Valley School District

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