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Makeup Work Policy

Guidance for when your student is absent from school: 

Tarver’s instructional practice operates under the belief that students learn best when in class and participating in classroom conversations and activities and homework is used to reinforce learning that has taken place in the classroom. Due to our beliefs it is hard for teachers to send work home with students when they are gone for multiple days due to illness or vacations. We believe that while students are out, they can always practice and strengthen previously learned skills such as:

  • Reading- any book, magazine, or article of interest

  • Writing- journaling about the days activities or write a story about any topic of interest

  • Math- play card, dice, or board games or visit any of our school sponsored online math programs

Once your child returns to school they will receive instruction on missed skills and concepts. Please refer to the list below for additional grade level specific ideas on what your child should do during an absence from school. 

Kindergarten- ST Math and Site Word practice
1st grade- ST Math and Xtra Math
2nd grade- ST Math and Xtra Math
3rd grade- ST Math, XtraMath, Visit classroom Schoology page
4th grade- ST Math and Xtra Math
5th grade- ST Math, Xtra Math, and visit Google classroom and classroom slideshow

*You can find links to these sites on the Tarver website under Learning Resources and Links. 

We appreciate your partnership as we work together to support students who are absent from school.